Saturday, 12 September 2015

Magic Circle

Magic Circle Variation No5 (90x90x9cms hand and lasercut paper)

The circle here evokes on the one hand a petri dish and on the other a mandala, two disparate references fused by the process of art. The motifs inside the circle reference coral, moss, bacteria, mold, radiolaria....Ultimately the sculpture is a work of pure imagination that transcends a simple mimetic reading but which reminds us nonetheless of nature's fragility and beautiful intricacy.

Magic Circle Detail

Saturday, 4 April 2015

New Work: "Cut Microbe"

"Cut Microbe" (44x35x8inches/112x90x20cms) This piece is completely handcut from 10 sheets of paper. It was commissioned by the Eden Project UK ( to be part of an exhibition entitled "The Invisible You" which explores the Human Biome, that is the vast colony of bacteria that inhabits our body.

The sculpture took four long months to complete.